Thoughts and Emotions


It’s interesting how thoughts and emotions collide and combat.

Thoughts knows she has all the right answers. She holds in her hands the sword of absolute truth. She believes she is invincible. She holds her head high, full of assurance. She need not even bed down to look at her opponent. For who can take her throne?

But though she looks strong in exterior, can she actually stand against the tidal wave of emotions?

For emotion comes by the sea. She comes with strength in her waves and she pounds against all walls meant to keep her at bay.

Again and again she attacks thoughts’ defenses.

A crack is found.

And with one final blow she pours into and out of the city.

Thoughts doesn’t relinquish all power, but with broken down defenses, she has no choice but to let emotions finish her damage before she begins to rebuild.

The strength of both forces lies within reality.

Both are real.

They carry weight.

If one were to deny the strength of the other, she would surely be brought to destruction.

The truth is they need each other.

They may seem like enemies, but actually they can be the best of friends. They can enhance and multiply the work of the other or they can destroy it with a few quick blows.

Neither is perfect.

Both need training.

Both need renewing by the Spirit.

He is their tutor, their coach. At times He focuses His training on the individual, but ultimately His work is to unite them in one powerful force. That together they would be like Himself. Bringing life where there was only violence and death.

Emotions, you are powerful. You come at surprising times bringing waters of life and healing.

Thoughts, your leadership is needed. Your structures are built with intelligence and skills that are necessary for growth and maturing.